How To Avoid COVID-19 Cleaning Burnout

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We’ve been washing our hands, wiping off surfaces, dusting, and spraying disinfectant due to Covid-19 pandemic. (Here is a detailed guide.) Nothing ever seems to be clean enough, yet we can all admit that we’ve grown bored of the never-ending list of things to clean and have begun to cut corners. COVID-19 tiredness is a serious problem that affects a lot of people.

We’ve put together a list of 10 cleaning time-saving methods to help you avoid cleaning burnout. Cleaning will become easier (well, as easy as it can be!) and take less time if you follow these guidelines. This means you’ll have more time for the things that matter to you, from Netflix to family time.

Store cleaning products correctly: Keeping cleaning materials for each room close to that room is a good idea. This implies you should keep your bathroom cleaning items in or near the bathroom. The same is true in your kitchen. Keep all of your cleaning supplies (microfiber cloths and dusters) in the same closet or location.


Clean in the correct order: Dusting before vacuuming will save you time. You will be able to vacuum up all of the dust that has fallen on the floor by doing so. Always finish with mopping.


Keep your laundry from piling up: Have you ever gone to your closet in search of a towel only to discover that you don’t have any? There’s no shame in this, but when it happens, it just means a day of laundry. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, try to do laundry as it accumulates.


Make sure you’re using the proper amount of cleaning product: When it comes to cleaning supplies, the adage “less is more” could not be truer. When you use more cleaning product than is recommended, you are merely pushing the cleaning product about rather than truly removing dirt. Always start with a little amount and build up as needed.


Make sure your cleaning supplies are clean: When was the last time your duster was replaced? It’s time to get a new one if you can’t recall. Cleaning your vacuum cleaner is the same way. You can only clean effectively if your instruments are clean.


Clean your refrigerator clean on a regular basis: Make it a fortnightly routine to clean out your refrigerator. Make a note of what you have in your fridge and hang it on the door if it’s overloaded.


Replace the paper in its proper location: Paper is an insidious dust magnet. We all have that one pile of receipts, bank statements, and invoices that simply sits there. We promise to clean it one day, but we all know that day will never come. Make a mental note to clean up any stray paper (file it, throw it out).


Clean without being distracted: When we are doing something, we don’t usually enjoy, we all become distracted (like cleaning). Remove all distractions to ensure you are as productive as possible. Put your phone on airplane mode, turn on some music, and get some work done.


Establish and maintain positive behaviours: It all looks so clean and nice after you’ve cleaned your house and placed everything back where it belongs; make sure to keep it that way! When you go in the door, hang your jacket (and keys) where they belong, and don’t just kick your shoes off. The longer you keep your home organized after you’ve finished cleaning, the cleaner it will stay.


When you have free time, take care of smaller jobs: If it takes less than 5 minutes to finish and you have 5 minutes to spare, go ahead and do it. Unloading the dishwasher, washing the dishes, wiping down the counter and organizing the laundry are all examples of this. When it comes to a weekly clean, this routine will make it appear less onerous.

Cleaning may feel endless, but we hope the tips we’ve presented make it a little simpler for you – you’ve got this!