10 Tips For Planning The Perfect Staycation

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Raise your hand if you need a break from your everyday routine! The new ‘staycation’ trend may seem like an excuse for the busy bees who don’t have the time or energy to plan an actual holiday, but hear me out. Staying in your hometown doesn’t have to be a total snooze. It’s a chance to get out of your everyday routine, save a bit of cash, make memories and be a tourist in your own city—no passport required. Whether you want to get away for a quick 24 hours or a long weekend, we’ve got the 10 tips you need to make this a staycation you won’t forget.

1. Visit famous landmarks. Sure, you may pass cool buildings or parks every day, but the monotony and rush of everyday life makes these things easy to miss. Take the time to stop and smell the roses (literally!). Visit and take LOTS of photos of the places that tourists come to see in Dubai that you might take for granted.

2. Book a hotel room. It will be much easier to unwind when you aren’t constantly reminded of chores to be done. Plus, room service and movies on demand are never a bad way to end the night.

3. Go off the grid. That’s right. As hard as that may be, turning your phone on airplane mode will help you disconnect from any work emails and keep you from scrolling through your social media.

4. Call a Maid. Whether it’s for your kids or your fur babies, take some time off from your daily responsibilities by making sure everything is taken care of. We, at Dubai Housekeeping, are always ready to step up to your special requests.

5. Try a new restaurant. Yeah, you have your usuals, but that’s the point of this staycation, nothing is ‘the usual.’ Before your trip, hop on Zomato or ask a friend to see if there are any new hot spots in your area that you haven’t gotten around to trying yet.

6. Ask for recommendations. This is something that you always do when you’re travelling, so why not do it for your staycation, too? You might just find your new favorite cafe or vintage shop that’s been right under your nose this whole time.

7. Sleep in and stay up late. Wake up slow to enjoy your coffee or stay up late finishing that book you’ve been meaning to read. No alarm clocks or bedtimes on staycation!

8. Treat yourself. Whether it’s that decadent dessert you’ve had your eye on or a spa treatment you’ve been dying to try, don’t be afraid of a splurge (or two!). You’ve earned it!

9. Explore new neighbourhoods. Chances are you always take the same route to work, the gym and all your usual spots. Switch it up a bit by exploring parts of your city that you don’t always get to see. Bonus points if you walk or bike instead of jumping into a cab or Metro.

10. Cross something off your bucket list. Make time for the new coffee shop you’ve been wanting to visit, take a trip to the Etihad museum, go for a new exhibition you’ve been wanting to see or even try something adventurous like zip lining at Downtown or rock climbing in Jabel Jais or Overnight camp at beach.

If you have so more idea, let us know & we will make this list more exciting!