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Most people with busy lives and packed schedules have little time left to clean their homes or offices. They would rather spend the free time they have with friends and family doing other things they enjoy. When it comes to Cleaning Services in Dubai, finding reliable Maids in Dubai to help keep your home/office orderly isn’t always easy.

Benefits of Hiring Part Time Maid

  1. Privacy: Dubai is home to a large number of accomplished and well-known young individuals. Professional maid service can take care of the housekeeping demands in a timely manner while maintaining privacy.

  2. No Trauma: Trauma connected to having a full-time housekeeper is not something you have to cope with. On online expat communities, there are a ton of anecdotes about the many difficulties people confront and their requests for advice. Since a full-time maid’s decisions do affect the employer. It grows anxious.

  3. Sickness: If your maid has been ill, the Maid Service provider arranges for a replacement. However, if this happens to your full-time maid, you will be looking for doctor appointments, medicines, tests, and follow-up excursions on top of your already hectic schedule.

  4. Attitude: You don’t like the maid’s attitude? On a message, you can request a replacement. However, it has been observed that full-time maids may be very active and careful at first, but once the visa process is through, you will notice a shift in attitude. After spending so much money on the visa, changing the maid will be a difficult decision.

  5. Overseas travel: Simply notify your cleaning service company and suspend your service while you are away on vacation or business. However, it is more concerning to leave your full-time maid alone in your home while you are abroad.

  6. Cost: When there is a service, you pay. Travelling? There is no charge. However, a full-time maid is entitled, and fairly so, to her regular income.

  7. Eventuality: It is the employer’s obligation if the maid is injured while at work. According to the law, the liability for a full-time maid falls on you.

  8. Departure: Your maid is tired of working and wants to go home. You obtain a replacement, and the cleaning firm is in charge of her entitlements and legal proceedings. You continue to be charged the same fee for your service. A full-time maid, on the other hand, grows complacent when she wants to return, and you must also pay for all legal procedures.

Questions to ask before hiring Part Time Maid

  1. Legitimacy: A genuine Professional cleaning business in Dubai would have a verifiable physical address as well as an office landline number. These are legal standards that are frequently not met by illegal or inexperienced operators.

  2. Reputation: Any reputable home cleaning company in Dubai should have a clientele that includes recognized corporations and government entities. This ensures that quality control, standard operating procedures, and customer service are in place, increasing the likelihood that the promised service will be delivered accordingly.

  3. Accessibility: Professional cleaning services do not serve all neighbourhoods in Dubai. As a result, if you meet someone in your neighborhood, ask them for the name of their cleaning business, how often they visit, and whether they have the necessary access permissions.

  4. Reliability: You may occasionally notice a cleaner from a professional cleaning service in Dubai in the foyer of your apartment building or place of business. It is easier to watch over their work because their cleaning firm name is usually printed on their uniform. Inquire how long they have been working in your neighborhood or community. A longer stay implies satisfied consumers and higher quality service.

  5. Attitude: When speaking to them, pay attention to nonverbal signals because they can convey far more than words can. It’s tough to ignore a friendly and upbeat person answering your queries. An unexpected first impression usually is natural. You should be able to evaluate and decide whether to pursue further.

  6. Referral: Find out which business your friends, family, and co-workers have been using. If they have been in Dubai long enough, they most certainly have a name to suggest. The majority of well-known businesses consider a referral from a happy customer highly. Verify if they have a referral scheme in place.

  7. Fair Trade: Compare the prices offered by several cleaning service providers to choose the best value for the service. If a company offers a price that appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is. There are no free lunches in the world. Cleaners were frequently given fewer benefits at the lowest possible cost. During the 2008 Financial Crisis, venture capitalists exploited steep discounts to eliminate competitive market players and build monopolies through aggregators. Do you want to support the business models of sweatshops or Fair Trade?

  8. Testing Time: After you’ve decided on a cleaning service provider, give it a go because the evidence is in the pudding. Call the company and specifically request a high-rated cleaner. Set a mutually convenient day and time. You can make the most of your stay by following these simple guidelines.

  9. Achieved: After you’ve determined that the service fulfills your requirements, you’ll need to decide how frequently you’d like to schedule cleaning sessions with the team of your choice. Here are some pointers.

  10. Share the Love: If you are concerned about the welfare of the housekeeping staff, consider the company’s policies and reputation toward its employees. The most popular aggregator in Dubai, (Uber Model for Cleaning), which also engages in deep discounting techniques to entice unsuspecting homeowners, fails this requirement because staff are not on their payroll.

Why Hire Dubai Housekeeping

  1. Empowered team: Most of our team members are single mothers who are professionally experienced, capable and determined. They contribute by stepping up in organizing the team & participate in decision making in respective roles.

  2. Professionally Trained: From recruitment screening, selection, in-house & on-job trainings we ensure Standard Operating Procedures are adopted by every team player. Counselling is essential when there is a report indicating an incident. We balance between learning & correcting with counselling to learn expected response in a situation.

  3. 100% satisfaction Guarantee: We commit to deliver customer satisfaction. Hence, we must understand the client expectations correctly from the start. If you are not satisfied with service rendered, we will come back for a complimentary re-touch.

  4. Respect your privacy: We are in your private space for a service and maintain strict adherence to keep your privacy at priority.

  5. Superior Customer Service: Real test of customer service is when something has happened that wasn’t expected. We make every effort to make you comfortable while evaluating the incident. As much we must pay attention to the reported incident, equally we must learn the reason behind and find the root cause. This helps us to ensure not only resolution for client but also for the crew. In the process we know one more way to look at events and sometime a new point for training manual.

  6. Same Day – Same Maid: We understand the convenience of having the same housekeeper. There is endless list of reasons why our client prefer it. This is called My Maid Plan. We set a schedule and it works till you ask for a change.

  7. No Hidden Cost: We work by time and are happy to follow your preference. We do not charge you differently based on type of activity such as cleaning vs ironing or deep cleaning. You choose & we deliver accordingly. If booked time is not sufficient, we will advise you ahead of booking so you can prioritize what you prefer to finish first.

  8. Support Charity Cause: We support charity causes from time to time, internally & externally.


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