Health & Safety Measures During The Pandemic

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Keeping the ongoing pandemic in mind, we have trained our team about known Viral Transmission & Mitigation Techniques. To gauge their understanding & further guide as essential, we created an online Quiz and guided based on results.

Temperature is monitored using touch-less digital thermometer and recorded. Sanitizer dispensers are available in each van and with every staff. Upon entering and exiting the vehicle, hands are sanitized. Every cleaner use Safety Eye Glasses, Latex Gloves, which are changed per service, surgical Mask per day. Anyone showing symptoms of cold, flue is given off and we have particular Doctor in Aster clinic that all our staff visits, as needed. We maintain medical record of all prescriptions and test reports, per staff.
To incorporate best practices in our day to day operation, video from subject matter experts were included in training on topics such as:

1. How to put & remove mask, in safe manner
2. How to put & remove gloves, in safe manner
3. How to sanitize shopping bags & delivered items
4. What is social distancing
5. Medical view in the pandemic and how soon it is going to end.
6. Medical opinion on transmission and mitigation of the same

We are together in this challenge. We believe our society is as safe as we are.