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Deep Cleaning service

What is the difference between Regular Cleaning & Deep Cleaning?

Regular cleaning service: This type of cleaning is normally performed more frequently, such as several times each week. However, deep cleaning is often performed once every six to twelve months.

Deep Cleaning service: It generally means thorough cleaning in addition to routine floor as well as surface dusting and mopping. For certain clients, deep cleaning means different things. Some people use more chemicals, which isn’t always the wisest course of action. Others favor organic material, solutions, and a more extensive approach.

More hours are required for a deep cleaning than for a regular cleaning. We advise that the following tasks be included when you order a deep cleaning service (depending on the property). In one or more visits, experts can personalize the service to fit your needs in terms of time and money.

What is covered in Deep Cleaning?

  • Walls & Floors in Bathrooms Cleaned
  • Walls & Floors in the Kitchen Cleaned 
  • Grease Removal around Cooking Range
  • Grease Removal  of the Exhaust Fan
  • Refrigerator Cleaned inside out, sorting/discarding of content on client’s instruction
  • Oven Cleaned  Inside Out
  • Microwave Cleaned Inside Out
  • Kitchen Cabinets Cleaned & Organized
  • Grease Removal Air Conditioning Grills
  • Behind / Under Furniture & Appliances in the House
  • Dressing Table Cleaned, & Organized
  • Bedroom Cabinets Cleaned & Organized
  • Bedroom Air Conditioning Grills Cleaned (Reachable)
  • Electrical Switches & Door handles Cleaned & Sanitized
  • All Mirror Cleaned Streak Free
  • All Glass Doors & Windows (reachable) Cleaned
  • Office Filing Cabinets Cleaned Inside Out & Organized
  • Office Tables decluttered, Dusted, Wiped
  • Desktop Computers , Laptops, Monitors, Keyboard Dusted, Wiped 
  • Photo Copier, Printer, Scanner Dusted, Wiped
  • Television, Projector, Remote, Dusted, Wiped 
  • Notice Board, Magnet Board, Pin Boards Dusted, Wiped
  • Mold Cleaning – usually on Particular Request
  • Grout Cleaning – usually on Particular Request

The experience speaks for itself. Once you have tried a company & happy with the cleaner who served your residence, its good to make note so next time you can easily find them when you need another deep cleaning done.