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Regular cleaning: It is mostly done on a frequent basis by Maids in Dubai, for example so many times per week. However Deep Cleaning is usually done once every 6 months to a year.

Deep Cleaning: It usually involves detailed cleaning additional to a regular dusting & Mopping of Floors & Surfaces. Deep Cleaning means different things to different clients. Some use more chemicals which is not necessarily the best practice. While other prefer Green Chemicals & more thorough approach.

Deep Cleaning Requires more time than Regular Cleaning. When you book Deep Cleaning from us (depending on the property) we recommend the below-listed activities to be covered. We can tailor the service to suit your time & budget, in one or more visits.

  • Behind / Under Furniture & Appliances in the House
  • Walls & Floors in Bathrooms Cleaned & Sanitized
  • Walls & Floors in the Kitchen Cleaned & Sanitized
  • Grease Removal & Sanitized around Cooking Range
  • Grease Removal & Sanitized of the Exhaust Fan
  • Grease Removal & Sanitized Air Conditioning Grills
  • Refrigerator Cleaned inside out, sorting/discarding of content on client’s instruction
  • Oven Cleaned & Sanitized Inside Out
  • Microwave Cleaned & Sanitized Inside Out
  • Kitchen Cabinets Cleaned & Organized
  • Dressing Table Cleaned, Sanitized & Organized
  • Bedroom Cabinets Cleaned & Organized
  • Bedroom Air Conditioning Grills Cleaned (Reachable)
  • Electrical Switches & Door handles Cleaned & Sanitized
  • All Mirror Cleaned Streak Free
  • All Glass Doors & Windows (reachable) Cleaned
  • Office Filing Cabinets Cleaned Inside Out & Organized
  • Office Tables decluttered, Dusted, Wiped
  • Desktop Computers , Laptops, Monitors, Keyboard Dusted, Wiped & Sanitized
  • Photo Copier, Printer, Scanner Dusted, Wiped & Sanitized
  • Television, Projector, Remote, Dusted, Wiped & Sanitized
  • Notice Board, Magnet Board, Pin Boards Dusted, Wiped
  • Mould Cleaning – On Particular Request
  • Grout Cleaning – On Particular Request

Our Exclusion for Deep Cleaning Service: Floor Buffing & Polishing; Soft Cleaning such as Upholstery, Carpet, Curtain, Sofa etc