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Housekeeping Service Deliver Update

Recent health incident with 2 team members has given us a reminder that stress is a serious issue & we must work to reduce it. Our unwavering commitment to delivering housekeeping services on time is the cornerstone of our operations. However, as we strive to uphold this commitment, we have encountered various challenges that have tested our resolve and highlighted areas for improvement while reducing stress at work. In this comprehensive update, we will delve into the findings of our recent analysis and discuss the proactive measures we are implementing to address these bottlenecks that induce stress on transport team and correct them to enhance our service delivery capabilities and minimizing related work stress.


Identified Bottlenecks and Solutions:

 Challenges due to Client Relocation:

Issue: One of the challenges we have faced is accommodating clients who have relocated to new residences while still requesting the same housekeeper. Rising rent is a fact so is this issue.

Solution: Recognizing the importance of maintaining continuity and familiarity for our clients, we have devised two options to address this issue. Firstly, we endeavor to retain the same housekeeper for clients who have relocated within the same zone, ensuring consistency in service delivery. Alternatively, if the new location falls outside the existing zone, we offer the option of assigning a housekeeper available in the new area. While we strive to accommodate our clients’ preferences, we also prioritize efficiency and quality of service.

 Navigating Road Congestion:

Issue: With the increasing congestion on city roads, our transport fleet has encountered delays in navigating through traffic, impacting our ability to adhere to scheduled appointments.

Solution: To mitigate the impact of road congestion on our operations, we invested in a tracking system to navigate & coordinate in 2017. Now, we are adding larger display screens for ease while driving. These enhancements enable our drivers to navigate efficiently through busy streets while maintaining a focus on safety. By leveraging smart navigation tools, we aim to optimize route planning and minimize delays caused by traffic congestion.

 Community Access Procedures:

Issue: Changes in access procedures within residential communities have presented logistical challenges, resulting in delays in accessing client premises. For example, Emaar used to issue 6 months pass for the whole team which now is per client, per service & staff.

Solution: Recognizing the importance of adapting to evolving access procedures, we have allocated dedicated resources to monitor and manage access requirements across various communities. By staying abreast of changes in access protocols and implementing efficient access management strategies, we aim to streamline our operations and minimize disruptions caused by access delays.

 Distant Community Servicing:

Issue: Servicing distant communities has posed logistical challenges, leading to inefficiencies in resource allocation and compromising service quality.

Solution: In an effort to optimize resource utilization and ensure consistent service quality, we have made the strategic decision to focus our service offerings on a select number of communities. By prioritizing proximity and accessibility, we aim to deliver timely and efficient services to our clients while avoiding overextension of our resources.

 Service Cancellation Upon Arrival:

Issue: Instances of cleaning service cancellations upon arrival have disrupted our scheduling and resulted in operational inefficiencies.

Solution: To address this issue, we are implementing a stringent policy for cancellations upon arrival, whereby clients will be charged the full-service fee in accordance with our policy clause 2.8. By enforcing this policy, we aim to minimize instances of service cancellations and maintain the integrity of our scheduling and service delivery processes.

 Last-Minute Extension Point:

Issue: Last-minute requests for service extensions have posed challenges in terms of route planning and resource allocation.

Solution: To mitigate the impact of last-minute cleaning service extensions on our operations, we are reinforcing our policy of refraining from accommodating such requests without prior notice. By adhering to pre-established scheduling parameters, we aim to optimize route planning and ensure efficient utilization of resources.

 Health Drive Initiative and Team Updates:

Amidst our efforts to address operational challenges, we have also prioritized the well-being of our team members. We are pleased to report that two of our team members, Mr. Abdul Nasir and Mr. Thangarathnam, have recovered from life-threatening situations and are on the path to full recovery. Mr Nasir has resumed work and Mr Thangarathnam has traveled to be with his family & recover fully. Their resilience and determination serve as a testament to the strength of our team and the supportive environment we strive to foster.

Housekeeping service delivery Team

Subsequently, we have launched a Health Drive and conducted comprehensive screenings for all staff members to detect lifestyle diseases, with a specific focus on hypertension and diabetes. Dr. Pat from Jupiter Clinics led an informative session, covering essential topics such as reading interpretation, symptom monitoring, and identifying trigger signals. Our commitment remains unwavering in ensuring that each team member receives the necessary medical attention to understand their health condition and determine the appropriate course of action.


In addition to the identified bottlenecks and solutions discussed earlier, we must address the significant impact of steadily increasing fuel prices on our operational costs. Since our inception in 2014, we have witnessed a substantial rise in fuel prices, from AED 1.72 per liter to a peak of over AED 4 at one point. Although the current price stands at AED 3.03 as of April 2024, this continuous increase has significantly escalated the cost of transporting our housekeepers. In response to these challenges, we have diligently optimized all operational aspects. Moreover, the overall cost of doing business has progressively risen over the years. During COVID 19, we did not layoff any staff & continued to support everyone affected. while ensuring regular salary increases for our employees every two years. While we have absorbed these cost increases thus far, we recognize the necessity to review our service charges to maintain sustainable operations. Therefore, we will conduct a comprehensive review in August 2024 to adjust our pricing structure for the upcoming season.


As we navigate through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional housekeeping service to our clients. By addressing identified bottlenecks and implementing proactive solutions, we are confident that we can enhance our service delivery capabilities and exceed the expectations of our valued clients. We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we work tirelessly to uphold our commitment to excellence.

Please feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp Helpline +971 54 350 2510. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to continuously improve and innovate in our pursuit of excellence. Together, we can overcome challenges and achieve success.

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