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Laundry & Ironing Service

Searching for Ironing Service? Do you want a reliable service provider for taking care of your laundry? Dubai Housekeeping™ is the answer to your needs related to Ironing & cleaning your residence. There are numerous services providers based in Dubai, but Dubai Housekeeping™ offers seamless & outstanding experience to keep your clothes & home shining.

Well laundered clothes make you feel happy & you look great

In case, you are doing it yourself, here are some great tips:

  • Every fabric has a specific ironing setting. Ironing everything on max heat will not get the chore done faster, but it will give you that charred shirt look.
  • Smooth, straight strokes get the job done. Wiggling around might stretch the material.
  • Don’t keep the iron in one spot too long. Go back to it if it still looks wrinkled.
  • Ironing clothes inside out can help you hide errors.
  • Make use of the whole board. You have it for a reason, use it.
  • Vinegar in a spray bottle is great for fixing mistakes. Spray and dab with a white cloth to remove scorching or shine on ironed clothes.
  • Give the clothes time to set in a closet or on a hanger before wearing them.
  • If your iron has steam, use it. This will help to remove wrinkles faster and set the fabric.
  • Use a spray bottle of water to wet the fabric a little before starting. This can make ironing much quicker.
ironing service

Ironing chores can become a time-consuming task. While it can be a mundane task that you would rather do without, you can’t always escape it. Can you 😊 If ironing is not one of your favourite things to do, you have come to the right place. Our trained housekeeper takes care of your laundry & Ironing, right at your home. Show them your washing machines closet, Iron box etc & they will take care of the rest.

Our maids in Dubai are capable of ironing all textures, garments and material. Please advise them on any particular care, you wish them to follow. Choose us and save time and energy. We offer the finest ironing services and our team of employees have fine-tuned their skills at this meticulous and delicate job, we help you look your very best every single day. You can relax because we will take care of all your laundry & ironing needs.

*Disclaimer: It is best to separate Sensitive / delicate clothes for dry cleaning.

Cross Laundry & Ironing from your “To Do List”? Call Us Now!

Contact us and book your housekeeper. Email or call us on our official number. Our support team can be reached by call, email, Facebook Massager, Instagram DM, Whatsapp or by booking online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ironing service is designed to provide convenience to our clients. Our trained professionals will come to your home at a scheduled time. They will efficiently iron your clothes according to your preferences, ensuring that they are wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

Choice is yours. As most clients have these items at their home, we send our professional to work with your tools. In case you are not having these tools, you can request for the same & our professionals will bring all the necessary equipment, including irons and ironing boards, to your home. Just mention that when making the service booking.

The duration of the ironing service depends on the number of clothes and their complexity. Generally, our professionals are trained to work efficiently, and they will strive to complete the ironing in a timely manner. We can provide you with a more accurate time estimate based on your specific requirements.

While we take utmost care in providing ironing services, accidents can occasionally happen. In the unlikely event of accidental damage to your clothes, we have a policy for claims. Please read section 5 here. Please inform us immediately, and we will initiate the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

We are happy to accommodate your request for service, although subject to availability. We recommend booking ahead to avoid disappointment

Yes, absolutely! If you require regular ironing services, we can discuss setting up a recurring schedule based on your needs. This ensures that your clothes are consistently well-ironed and ready to wear whenever you need them.

Our customer service team is available Mondays to Saturdays, 8.00am to 6.00pm. Simply get in touch via Digital Assist WhatsApp Helpline, phone call, or email.

We accept payment in Cash or by credit/debit cards. Please discuss your preferred payment method with our customer service team during the booking process.

If your situation undergoes any changes, kindly reach out to us. You can contact your local Customer Contact Centre directly at +971 4 263 1976 or message our Digital Assist WhatsApp Helpline at +971 54 350 2510. Alternatively, you may choose to communicate with us via email at booking@dubaihousekeeping.com.

While it is not obligatory to tip your housekeeper, we understand that some customers may feel inclined to express extra gratitude. As a result, we have incorporated a feature that allows you to easily extend your appreciation.