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Whatsapp Helpline


1.      Integrated Whatsapp Helpline

Whatsapp, though a great communication tool, sometimes within the organization, can create communication barriers. We have implemented a new system where all Customer Care executives are on a single Integrated WhatsApp helpline Platform. This allows for the first available executive to respond to your messages, promptly.

Single number +971 54 350 2510 – to Address All Your Requests & Concerns, with the convenience of Whatsapp.

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2.      No Typing – Button-Based Chat 

For your convenience, we have added an AI-based option so you can make your service request with minimal text. A button is provided for easy selection of your desired service etc. reach us by this means. The Chatbot will connect you to the concerned Customer Care Executive to assist you.

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3.      Request Call Back

For busy clients, we have introduced the Request Call Back facility. All you have to do is leave your requirements with your contact details and we will do the rest.

Whatsapp Helpline

4.      Connect Through Social Media

Amongst the new features, the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin to foster improved communication. We are constantly updating our content with helpful information, such as Covid Protocols & Cleaning Guide to protect against Covid-19.

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5.      Find Your Reason

If you wish to support a genuinely progressive business run on Human Values & its team members? Check out the reasons our team stands out. If you are a Job Seeker, submit your resume, through our website, Why us Page. We are always on the lookout for awesome people to join our team.

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