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What is included in Deep Cleaning Service?

Welcome to Dubai Housekeeping™ – we’re a premier cleaning company in Dubai, dedicated to making your life easier and your space cleaner. Looking for the best and professional deep cleaning services in Dubai at your doorstep? Dubai Housekeeping™ provides tailored deep cleaning services in the urban areas of Dubai. We offer bespoke deep cleaning services to suit your personal or office spaces. ; to declutter the space and breathe fresh air round the clock.

Deep cleaning & regular cleaning and are two different approaches to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in a space. While both types of cleaning serve the purpose of keeping an environment clean, there are notable differences between the two in terms of scope, intensity, and frequency.

Regular cleaning  involves routine tasks performed on a frequent basis to maintain cleanliness. It typically includes activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and surface wiping. Regular cleaning focuses on surface-level dirt, dust, and grime, and aims to keep the space tidy and presentable. This type of cleaning is usually done on a daily or weekly basis and is intended to address day-to-day dirt buildup.

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Deep Cleaning service: It usually involves detailed cleaning additional to a regular dusting & mopping of floors & surfaces. Deep cleaning service is a more intense form of regular cleaning but with way more attention to detail. Think of regular cleaning as more of an upkeep for things like cleanliness, whereas deep cleaning is more intensive and extensive, and usually done every once in a while, instead of weekly.  Deep cleaning service involves a thorough cleaning of every nook, cranny, and surface in your entire house, this includes neglected, tricky, and hard to reach spots.

Deep cleaning service means different things to different clients. Some use more chemicals which is not necessarily the best practice. While other prefer Organic Cleaning & more thorough approach. It is also commonly asked service before moving in or out of a property. It is also called end of tenancy cleaning. Invariably, if you are a new customer, you would want to have a deep clean done the first time. After that, regular cleanings can be scheduled.

Deep cleaning service requires more time, effort, and specialized equipment or cleaning agents, depending on the specific requirements of the space. It may involve activities like scrubbing, degreasing, descaling, and disinfecting. Deep cleaning is typically performed less frequently than regular cleaning, often on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, depending on the environment and the level of usage. One key distinction between regular cleaning service and deep cleaning is the level of detail and thoroughness involved. Regular cleaning is intended to maintain a clean appearance and prevent the buildup of dirt and dust, whereas deep cleaning aims to eliminate deeply embedded dirt, allergens, and pathogens, promoting a healthier and more sanitary environment. When you book Deep Cleaning from us (depending on the property) we recommend the below-listed activities to be covered. We can tailor the service to suit your time & budget, in one or more visits.

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Key Features Of Our Deep Cleaning Service

  • Behind / Under Furniture & Appliances in the House
  • Walls & Floors in Bathrooms Cleaned
  • Walls & Floors in the Kitchen Cleaned
  • Grease Removal around Cooking Range
  • Grease Removal of the Exhaust Fan
  • Grease Removal Air Conditioning Grills
  • Refrigerator Cleaned inside out, sorting/discarding of content on client’s instruction
  • Oven Cleaned Inside Out
  • Microwave Cleaned Inside Out
  • Kitchen Cabinets Cleaned & Organized
  • Dressing Table Cleaned, & Organized
  • Bedroom Cabinets Cleaned & Organized
  • Bedroom Air Conditioning Grills Cleaned (Reachable)
  • Electrical Switches & Door handles Cleaned
  • All Mirror Cleaned Streak Free
  • All Glass Doors & Windows (reachable) Cleaned
  • Office Filing Cabinets Cleaned Inside Out & Organized
  • Office Tables decluttered, Dusted, Wiped
  • Desktop Computers , Laptops, Monitors, Keyboard Dusted, & Wiped
  • Photo Copier, Printer, Scanner Dusted, & Wiped
  • Television, Projector, Remote, Dusted, & Wiped
  • Notice Board, Magnet Board, Pin Boards Dusted, Wiped
  • Grout Cleaning – On Particular Request
  • Mold Cleaning – On Particular Request
  • Mold on Fabric surface – Not included

Ask for the Add on- extra charges: Floor Buffing & Polishing; Shining Chandelier, Fumigation, Soft Cleaning such as Upholstery, Carpet, Curtain, Sofa etc

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Why Our Deep Cleaning Services Are Recommended?

Our team of well-dedicated members with extensive experience guarantee to shine your homes or office spaces like never before. We ensure efficiency in our deep cleaning services and promise to fulfill your requirements to 100% satisfaction.
At our deep cleaning company Dubai, the team members specialize in cleaning offices and commercial spaces of Dubai. No need to burn your pockets in sophisticated yet overhyped deep cleaning services because Dubai Housekeeping offers top-notch and affordable cleaning services.

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If you want a quote for your Deep Cleaning requirements, email or call us on our official number. Our support team can be reached by call, email, Facebook Massager, Instagram DM, Whatsapp or by booking online.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various circumstances in which it is advisable to consider scheduling a deep cleaning service. Such situations may arise when transitioning into a new residence, welcoming a newborn into the home, readying a property for sale or rental, completing post-construction or renovation work, conducting seasonal cleaning, or when it has been an extended period since your space received a deep cleaning. Moreover, deep cleaning proves particularly advantageous for individuals prone to allergies, as it aids in the removal of dust, allergens, and other potential irritants from the surroundings.

A deep cleaning service usually covers all areas of your space, including living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas. It includes tasks such as thorough dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning of appliances, scrubbing of surfaces, sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning interior windows, and other detailed cleaning tasks as per your specific requirements.

The duration of a deep cleaning service depends on various factors, including the size of the space, the level of dirt and grime, and the specific tasks requested. It can range from a few hours for smaller spaces to an entire day or more for larger properties. We can provide an estimated time frame based on your specific needs during the booking process.

Yes, deep cleaning services often include cleaning inside cabinets, closets, and other storage areas. Professional cleaners will remove items, wipe down surfaces, vacuum or mop the interiors. It’s important to communicate your preferences regarding specific areas or items you want us to focus on during the deep cleaning process.

It’s not mandatory for you to be present during the deep cleaning service. We are accustomed to working in occupied or unoccupied spaces. However, it’s essential to provide access to the property and communicate any specific instructions or access arrangements to ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning process.

Booking a deep cleaning service can typically be done by contacting Dubai housekeeping directly through phone or Digital Assist whatspApp Helpline or by visiting our website.

Our customer service team is available Mondays to Saturdays, 8.00am to 6.00pm. Simply get in touch via Digital Assist WhatsApp Helpline, phone call, or email.

We accept payment in Cash or by credit/debit cards. Please discuss your preferred payment method with our customer service team during the booking process.

If your situation undergoes any changes, kindly reach out to us. You can contact your local Customer Contact Centre directly at +971 4 263 1976 or message our Digital Assist WhatsApp Helpline at +971 54 350 2510. Alternatively, you may choose to communicate with us via email at booking@dubaihousekeeping.com.

We work Mondays to Saturdays 8:00am to 6:00pm. We are closed on Sundays.

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