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Together, we are facing an extraordinary situation. The global pandemic is affecting all of our personal and professional lives. First and foremost, We hope that you, your families, and communities are safe. At Dubai Housekeeping™ we want you to know our empathy and compassion is with those who are impacted by the pandemic and we extend our heartfelt wishes for recovery.

We take our role in supporting you, your homes and your business very seriously. During this time, Dubai Housekeeping™ is focused on these key areas:

  • Proactive measures are in place to protect our employee’s well-being, physically, financially & emotionally.
  • Educating, training, re-training them on protocols of Viral Transmission Mitigation techniques, in-turn keeping their visit to your home, safe.
  • A laser-sharp focus on service level and business continuity, including sustaining the team & the health of the company through stressful pandemic period.

So much has changed in last 2 years and one which kept growing has been, the cost. To sustain of safe service level, quality team members, we have made some adjustments in our policies, to keep our promise to all stakeholders – clients & staff alike. Some of the prominent challenges & changes that we are dealing with, are as following:

  1. Covid protocol have been in place since 2020 & continue to add cost of daily operations as frontliners, i.e. delivering safe public service.
  2. We know you like to keep same crew to come to your home, always, without change. This shows that the crew has matched, if not exceeded, your expectations. Likewise, we need to match employee expectation, to sustain their commitment. They have been awarded & rewarded for the performance along with increased salary & benefits, all along their tenure with us, including these years. While we maintained our service fee, unchanged.
  3. Clients residence location changed over time. You wanted same crew to be assigned to your new home which may not be in same zone. Transporting them to matched assignments, and changing client locations has been very tough jigsaw puzzle. Fuel price have been on the rise & long transfers costs more in fuel, time, planning & additional load on required vehicles to sustain your desired service satisfaction level.
  4. We had to add additional vehicles to maintain Covid protocol vehicle passenger limits. This meant huge cost overlay which wasn’t in plan or face penalties & consequences.
  5. Access to some communities have become major hurdle, on daily basis. Additional manpower is hired to manage access permits & related procedural issues.
  6. Most communities have introduced cost to process access permits now. If they didn’t have in past, they are introducing it, one by one. Providing access to your residence is client’s scope however we have absorbed it.
  7. Transport cannot reach all locations at 8am or 1pm, for example. There is a route, traffic, community access. Please share your flexibility so enhanced efficiency is possible, collectively.
  8. With effect from February 02, 2022, new Labour Laws shall be applicable. This will further increase cost of hiring & retaining an employee to the company (CTC).
  9. On spot or Last-minute cancellation hurt us immensely. Hence, we introduced Booking confirmation messaging prior to the day of service. We subscribed to a paid service which we had to adapt to minimize loss, and not adding cancellation fee. If you do not want these messages, please let us know.
  10. You sent message but nobody replied? How many numbers do I need to save for your company? To solve this, Integrated Whatsapp helpline was introduced. One number, every Customer Care staff respond to & observed by their manager – is fee-based service by WhatsApp & Freshworks. From February 2022, Whatsapp is adding cost on client-initiated conversations

Considering above brief, challenges that Dubai Housekeeping™ team is facing, we have adapted to & aligned with, some changes. Here they are:

  1. As per Federal decree, UAE has realigned the weekly holidays with international markets. We have adopted to this change and will be working now from Monday to Saturday & observe Sunday as weekly off day. Our team is in touch with you to accommodate your request to the best, in given circumstances.
  2. We have revised service charges and terms & conditions for using our services so we can continue to offer you the crew you like & maintain the level of service that you have loved all these years. They are applicable from 1st January 2022.
  3. Monthly Plan & its benefits are streamlined for consistency.
  4. Proactive Messaging for booking reconfirmation a day prior to the service.
  5. We are no longer serving distant communities. Long transfers are going to be discouraged.

There is so much our team has been working on behind the scenes to ensure you continue to get safe & regular service that we have been trusted for and more. We have been listening to your needs and areas where you needed help, reliable help. Some of our existing clients have requested to service their Holiday homes, AirBNB properties as well.  To do so, we are working out solutions to add laundry, Carpet, Curtain, Sofa & Mattress cleaning soon. This will create the possibility for you to operate your properties without personal visits & managing the errands to keep it ready before next client checks in and much more. If you would like us to service your holidays home too, please contact us.

Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown us as a valued Dubai Housekeeping™ customer. We are continuing our journey to bring you more reliable solutions.

Stay Safe,

Dubai Housekeeping™ Management