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Professional Maid Service

Book once & Relax. We provide Professional, Experienced, Reliable, Efficient & Discreet Housekeeping Service.

Ecological Green Clean

We support Green & Clean Earth. You may choose certified ecological cleaning materials from our range of products which are designed to preserve human health.

Office Cleaning

We provide corporate cleaning services on a contractual basis. with confidentiality. It could be hourly, weekly, monthly.

Deep Cleaning

When you need a Thorough cleaning including area that are not addressed on regular bases, Deep Cleaning is the solution. Specially in current times.

Steam Cleaning

Steam can kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, making it a safe, healthy, eco-friendly, way to clean your home. Specially in current times, Steam clean is ideal.

Move in / out Cleaning

We make your Home or Office relocation experience easier and stress-free, Clean and organized. We help Cleaning, Packing, Unpacking & organizing your home or office so you can relax.

Ironing Service

We provide trained housekeepers who specialise in laundry and ironing services. Let our efficient staff relieve you of the time-consuming task of maintaining clean and organised laundry, leaving you with more leisure time for your priorities.

Baby Sitting

Worried about leaving your little one in a stranger’s care? Our crew who are experienced, caring and trustworthy mothers. They have been further trained in childcare so you can rest assured that your child is safe, comfortable and happy.

Pet Sitting

Leaving your pet alone during your absence can be difficult and stressful. With our Pet sitting services you can be assured your pets stay home and are happily carrying on with their familiar routine of mealtimes, walks, play and loads of love!

Train Your Maid

We train your maid at your home so she can deliver superior service. We offer to train your maid to manage her responsibilities effectively and efficiently. This training is divided into various modules, which can be chosen and tailored as per your needs.

Standard Rates

  Type of Service 2Hr 3Hr 4Hr 5Hr 6Hr 7Hr 8Hr
Inclusive of VAT
Professional Maid Service
Ecological Green Clean Service
Office Cleaning Service
Deep Cleaning Service
Steam Cleaning Service
Moving in / out Cleaning Service
Ironing Service
Baby Sitting Service
Pet Sitting Service
Train Your Maid Service
105 130 150 185 225 260 300
A Above Service + Standard Cleaning Supplies @10/Hr Extra 125 160 190 235 285 330 380
B Above Service + Ecological Green Clean Supplies @15/Hr Extra 135 175 210 260 315 365 420