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Business often takes you far from home and the last thing you want is to come back to a dirty office. Office Cleaning Services can make your working space shine again. A clean office not only makes your space a motivating working place but also keeps your mind clear of all the clutter. Office Cleaning Services provide professional cleaning services to busy offices. We offer professionally qualified reliable office cleaning services to busy offices.

What is an office cleaning service?

We undertake cleaning your office on a reagreed set schedule & task routine. We are your outsource partner for cleaning services. We are a Dubai-based business, that specializes in providing our customers with high-quality, affordable office cleaning services that are tailored to your needs. Our trained cleaners will work efficiently to ensure that your office is clean and tidy at least once a week, or more. We schedule cleaning to match your expectations. We offer a wide range of cleaning services to help you keep your office looking great. From helping you set up an effective office cleaning routine to providing on-demand service and special deep cleaning, we have the expertise to handle all of your needs.

Signs you need office cleaning service company

  • Stress Reduction: With the fast pace of business in Dubai, keeping your office clean can be an added burden. And your cleaner has not turned up to work today. 
  • Safety Issues: With pandemic the health safety has become paramount. A sick cleaning employee is likely to be the source of further infection in office premises but who will clean, if not the cleaner employee? 
  • Having A Messy & Cluttered Office: Blue collar employee does not essentially have the understanding of importance beyond certain basic skills. Training them is not easy & even harder to find a trained person. Language becomes another reason for poor communication.  
  • Avoid Foul  Odor: Normally people detest bad odours as it hints at unhygienic surroundings.
  • Annual Holiday & Contract Completed Mess: The cleaner has gone on annual leave or has completed the contract and there is no alternative now, building a mess around in the office.

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Tips To Avoid Foul Odour In Your Office

  • Open windows often to circulate fresh air.
  • Avoid eating at your desk.
  • Clean up spills or messes right away.
  • Discourage smoking or vaping in the office.
  • Place air fresheners around the room.
  • Vacuum or mop floors regularly.
  • Keep the office clean and clutter-free.
  • Change air filters regularly.
  • Use natural cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals.
  • Encourage good hygiene such as frequent hand washing.

Benefits of a Clean Office:

Creating a clean and organized office space can be an important part of creating a good image and instilling a sense of trust and confidence in clients who come to the office. A clean and well-kept office can demonstrate that the business is professional and organized and that the staff care about their work and the overall environment. When visitors come to the office, they should feel welcomed, not overwhelmed by the clutter and mess. Additionally, a clean office is more inviting and comfortable for employees, helping to boost morale and productivity. Cleaning the office on a regular basis and maintaining a neat appearance can help to ensure a positive experience for clients and employees alike.

 Benefits of hiring an Office cleaning service:

  • Improved Health and Safety: Dust, dirt, and other allergens can quickly accumulate in an office environment, making it unsafe for employees and visitors. Professional office cleaning services in Dubai not only reduce the presence of dust, dirt, and allergens but also can use EPA-registered disinfectants to reduce the risk of illness and disease.
  • Increased Productivity: A clean and organized office can significantly improve employee morale and productivity. Studies have shown that employees work more efficiently in a clean environment than in a cluttered and disorganized one.
  • Professional Appearance: A clean and well-maintained office creates a professional image for a business, which can help to attract customers, investors, and partners.
  • Cost Savings: Hiring a professional office cleaning service can save your company money in the long run by reducing costs associated with having a cleaning employee on the payroll. 
  • Stress-Free Service: Changing government regulation adds stress to hiring blue-collar staff, and managing them, related turnover of staff and replacement during annual holidays can be easily outsourced and managed with minimum supervision required.

Why choose Dubai Housekeeping?

  • Staff Safety: Keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently, even during a pandemic health crisis, is our number one priority. Our professional cleaning service makes sure that your office stays healthy and safe—no matter what the situation.
  • Stress Reduction: We understand that running an office is stressful and we aim to reduce the time spent on cleaning. Cleaning is a necessary part of running any company, but it does not need to be a headache. Contact us for a consultation today and you will never have to worry on this front again.
  • Improve Your Company’s Image: A clean and clutter-free work environment creates a professional image and improves employee morale. Book a cleaning service for your office to ensure that you stay organized, help prevent work accidents, reduce sick day use and save time and money.
  • Maintain a Hygienic Workplace: We ensure that the waste is disposed of properly and regularly. Properly cleaning the office space on a regular basis is also essential to prevent foul odours. Additionally, we can use air fresheners, or other scent-neutralizing products to help mask any existing smell.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We strive to remain actively involved with your feedback & changing preferences due to relocation or increased bigger team/office. We address them suitably, in consultation with you, from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you hire a office cleaning services company, you have already saved in various ways – from finding a suitable candidate, interviewing, ensuring they know the job, cost of hiring, absent days, medical costs, to annual and end of service benefit costs. If you calculate overall, outsourcing cleaning service is certainly saving you money & is cost effective.

We offer service with & without cleaning supplies & tools. You can choose as per your preference. We can also facilitate purchase of the cleaning supplies and tools on cost & they can be maintained by our team. Refill or replacement can be monitored by us, and reported from time to time. Replenishment can also be facilitated by us at no extra cost.

After understanding your requirements and access to your office facility, we can propose suitable options.

We have Filipina, Nepali & Indonesian women in our team. Presently we do not offer male cleaners.

You could reach us by Call, Whatsapp Helpline, email, request a call back, or directly book online. We will understand your expectations and give you a free estimate. Together we create a work order tailored to your specific requests, and you receive a confirmation with details of the cleaning service booked.

For a recurring cleaning service, there is a simple contract.  You can suspend your cleaning service with just one day’s notice, pay only for the service taken, and resume when you are ready.

No, Dubai Housekeeping’s objective is to decrease your burden of responsibilities, not increase it.

The cost of a cleaning service depends on a number of variables, including whether you need recurring or one-time services, how many hours you anticipate for each visit, whether you provide the cleaning supplies, etc. Once we understand your requirements, we will give you an estimate of time, cost & payment terms.

You may pay by cash, check, online transfer, Visa, or Mastercard (T & C apply).

While it is recommended that you are present at the time of cleaning service, many of our busy customers provide us with a key to their Office and (when necessary) their alarm codes so our crew can execute the service without them having to alter their plans.

Absolutely, We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. Our goal is to give you the best cleaning possible each time. If something is not done to your satisfaction, call us within 24 hours and we will correct it for free, or give you a credit on your next cleaning inquiry.

For an on-call service, payment is due the day the cleaning service is performed. Recurring clients pay before the start of the month.

Presently we cover all communities along Sheikh Zayed Road from World Trade Centre to Marina, along Al Kahil Road from Al Quoz to JVC, along Bin Zayed Road Arabian Ranches to JVT, along Umm Sequim street from Burj Al Arab to Mira. Along Al Wasl from Satwa to Umm Sequim street, Palm Jumeirah, JBR, Blue Water Island and more.

We work Mondays to Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm.