Sparkling and Guest-Ready: Essential Cleaning Tips for Your Holiday Home

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The holiday home industry has seen significant growth in recent years in Dubai. The rise of online platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, and Booking.com has made it easier for property owners to list and rent out their holiday homes to travelers. Additionally, the increasing popularity of vacation rentals among travelers & residents alike is that they are seeking unique and personalized experiences.

Dubai Housekeeping the best holiday home cleaning service understands the importance of providing a pristine and welcoming environment for your visitors to enjoy their stay to the fullest. Whether you have a beachside villa at the Palm Jumeirah, a business stay in Business Bay or a Downtown city apartment, our professional cleaning team is here to ensure that your holiday home is spotless and ready for your guests.

When hosting guests through Airbnb any other holiday home platform, or welcoming your friends, the experience starts with a clean & pleasant holiday home. 

Through this blog we will explain how to make your holiday home clean and the role of professional holiday home cleaning services, most commonly also referred as Airbnb cleaning.

So get ready to create a positive impression in front of your guest by showing them a clean holiday home so that they can have a memorable time & leave a 5 star review.

Factors to consider when you want to clean your holiday home 

Whether you hire a holiday home cleaning service or tackle the cleaning yourself, it is advisable to follow these steps to simplify the process.

  • A proper checklist 

Before commencing the cleaning work, it is highly recommended to create a checklist outlining the tasks to be accomplished and the corresponding execution plan. Proper planning plays a vital role in efficiently cleaning your holiday home, eliminating any unnecessary hassles. Divide the checklist into different sections and subsections, ensuring that each section corresponds to a specific area cleaning (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and outdoor areas), Bedroom & Bathroom linen laundry, and refill the stocks of consumables such as facial tissue box, toilet paper rolls, water, tea coffee etc. Each subsection should outline the specific action required in that particular area.

  • Breathe Easy and Rest Well: The Importance of Clean Bed and Beddings

 One of the key factors in ensuring your guests’ comfort is providing a perfectly clean bed. After a long and tiring day, guests look forward to a clean place to rest. Fresh linen is an industry benchmark. It’s essential to thoroughly clean and vacuum the bed before their arrival, and make sure to change the bed and pillow covers. It’s also a good practice to keep extra clean linens, towels and covers for the convenience of your guests.

Remember to clean the bed and pillow covers in hot water as it effectively kills germs and ensures optimal cleanliness. You can also opt for the laundry service which we provide. You can alternatively send them out to a laundry that you are comfortable with. For an investor who remotely manages his property, the most suitable option is to align this requirement with the Holiday home cleaning service provider itself. This reduces the hassles of coordination required otherwise.

  • Cleaning is the first step in making your property ready

Between 2 guests a regular cleaning is usually chosen and is sufficient. This would cover change of linen for bedroom & bathrooms, general cleaning, clearing the bins etc. However a periodic  Deep cleaning is a crucial step in ensuring the cleanliness of your holiday home in Dubai. During a deep cleaning, it’s essential to focus on hard-to-reach areas such as fans, AC fixtures, baseboards, and spaces behind furniture. Afterwards, give special attention to deep cleaning the kitchen and all its appliances, ensuring they are in proper working order.

  • Don’t forget to check the windows and curtains, and remove any cobwebs. Next, proceed to clean the shelves and furniture before tackling the bathroom.
  • (Note: The kitchen and bathroom are the most important and sensitive areas in any house. Therefore, they require thorough deep cleaning to prevent the breeding of germs.)
  • A clean bathroom is a must for a house.

Although we highlighted this at the beginning of the blog, let’s delve deeper to gain a better understanding. The bathrooms and toilets in your holiday home require thorough cleaning to avoid leaving a negative impression on your guests. A clean and sanitized bathroom promotes hygiene. When cleaning the bathroom, pay close attention to the shower areas, toilet covers, bathtubs, and mirrors. Provide fresh, clean towels and optionally having spare towels readily available for your guests helps earn a positive impression. Additionally, ensure that essential toilet supplies such as soap, shampoo, toilet paper etc are well-stocked and easily accessible.

  • From Kitchen to Living: Sparkling Spaces that Invite: 

A clean kitchen will undoubtedly bring a smile to your guests, whether they arrive through Airbnb or other means. After a thorough deep cleaning, arrange the utensils and pantry items in an organized manner to enhance the kitchen’s functionality. Additionally, provide clear instructions to your guests on how to operate all the appliances. Ensure that the living spaces are properly maintained by regular vacuuming and dusting, creating a comfortable environment for your guests to relax and enjoy a pleasant conversation over tea or coffee.

  • A clean outdoor area adds final beauty to your holiday home 

A well-maintained clean-out door creates a positive impression of your holiday home especially if it is at a famous location & view. It’s essential to keep it tidy and presentable. Additionally, clean the outdoor furniture regularly and maintain the garden by trimming the plants properly. If feasible, create a relaxing space where your guests can hang out and unwind.

Clean Getaways: The Benefits of Professional Holiday Home Cleaning

 It is best to hire a professional cleaning services or Airbnb cleaning service while maintaining your holiday homes because : 

  •  It will save you time since the cleaners are professionally trained. They will manage everything perfectly and it will save a lot of time and money and you will not have to take stress on running a holiday home.
  • Dubai witnesses many property owners are not locally based & would like to run their holiday homes operated remotely. Hiring a well reputed holiday home cleaning services provider is an important step in managing such properties.
  • While Dubai has many property management companies, it is not a cheap option. Management fees are steep and cut into your revenue returns from the property.

Spotless Stay: Hire Dubai Housekeeping for Holiday Home Cleaning!

  • Yes, we are the premier cleaning company in Dubai, specializing in holiday home cleaning. We have established a strong partnership with Airbnb & other holiday home owners, and our work principle is simple: delivering the best results to our valued clients.
  • Our team of cleaners is highly trained and certified. When entrusted with a holiday home cleaning assignment, we follow a comprehensive checklist to ensure top-notch service.
  • Property check: 

We will do a thorough property check and will send a detailed report to the client. 

This includes a before & after photo / video report.

Lost & found check 

Broken, damage or missing item check

Maintenance need check

Stock taking of consumables, if on site.

  • Living area and bedroom: 

We will make sure your living and bedroom are cleaned thoroughly without any dust and dirt. We replenish the tea / coffee tray, water, facial tissues boxes, if opted. We replace the used bedroom linen with fresh ones.

  •  Bathroom and kitchen:

1. Bathroom: Experience the ultimate cleanliness and hygiene in your bathroom with our professional cleaning services. From sparkling tiles to sanitized fixtures, we’ll leave your bathroom fresh and inviting. We remove used toiletry and place the new set. We replace the used bathroom linen with fresh ones & place the toilet paper rolls.

2.Kitchen: Discover the joy of cooking in a spotless kitchen with our expert cleaning. From gleaming countertops to pristine appliances, we’ll ensure a clean and organized space that inspires culinary creativity and will make your guest feel wow when they come to your holiday home in Dubai.


  • Balcony / terrace / outdoors:

Although Dubai has hot weather, mornings are always pleasant. Usually 4-6 months weather is fabulous and sitting outdoors can be rewarding, depending on your property location. We ensure that outdoor space is clean and furniture is properly dusted.

Shopping assistance 

As many of our clients are busy, we also offer shopping assistance, in case your property needs a new set of linen or anything else for that matter. You can take our shopping assistance and the original bill will be sent to you.

Online reviews have become the essential factor before visitors choose a holiday home property. A pleasant experience can get high recommendations and online reviews which are crucial in these times. Selecting a holiday home cleaning service can ensure your clients get the best experience of your property.

“Transform Your Holiday Home Today! Book our Cleaning Services in Dubai and Contact Us for a Sparkling Space!”

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